Music is Resistance.

At the point where resistance is overcome. resistance is the only way of liberation. Ivan Curtis is a marauder of the digital ocean. Sailing the high seas of musical physics since 2004, he has never had much respect for authority nor gravity for that matter. If anything, he’s always defied it. You could say Resistance is his middle name.

There is no style Antigravity hasn’t explored. His music is packed with complex industrial grooves that make your atoms bounce to the rhythm of innovative synth lines into an intense feeling of no gravity.

Ivan has been developing his sound with different genres and musical techniques, from the abstract IDM panorama, through deepening to the lower frequencies of Jungle & D&B; as well as the deep textures of Techno. During this journey he has also gathered experience by creating sound for videogames and movies. Finally in 2014 the phantom in the machine, after keeping a low profile; started publishing this sonic exploration and sophisticated style firstly independently and later on with the cutting-edge Aztek Electronic Music record label. His sound has been gathering attention as it is well-suited to dance but also you can stop and listen to it’s elaboration.