Nahuatl Jaguar / Nahuatl Sound System

‘The Pioneer of the Aztec Style of Dub’

Mixing Live Elements of Dub, Techno, Cumbia and Mexican Folklore. The vibrant bass-leaded Sound System of Aztek Electronic Music delivers corazon-based music and rebel vibrations.

Origin:  Mexico city, Mexico

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Nahuatl Sound System is the portal of expression which travels through sound frequencies in a form of energy matrix to sum ONE. This sound breaks the time and space barrier, creating an escape route to different soundscapes, dimensions and frequencies.

Nahuatl Sound System represents the anger and force that has emerged through the struggle of people not only from today but from yesterday and tomorrow in terms of a conscious sound revolution. This sound travels through time as a form of communication from the voice of the ancient Aztec to meet with the sonic future.

Nahuatl Sound System means unity, love, revolution and the force against the establishment. This original and special sound, breaks fear in every way and takes you hand by hand on a journey to your roots.