Meeting by Chance

Marcin Cichy aka Meeting by Chance is a music producer, sound designer and digital artist from Wroclaw, Poland. Very well known for his work with Skalpel and Ninja Tune. He is one of the most recognised contemporary Jazz musicians and producers in Poland with the fusion of contemporary and technological music with experimental and smooth jazz.

Dub · Electronica · Jazz

Deniol Alva

Fresh new folklor, street style illustration. Deniol Alva’s style blends everything that come across his eyesight; from the visually rich Mexico City streets, to roots culture worlwide and global urban tribes.

Visual Art


CIX Representing Mexico’s ancient culture through street imagery Cix is one of Mexico city’s most recognized and respected tattoo and street artist.

Visual Art

Pablo Espinosa

Mexican-born, New Zealand-based visual artist. Colourful and vibrant style.

Visual Art


Devils and folklore in a contemporary approach. Saner is one of Mexico's most achieved and recognized contemporary visual artist.

Visual Art

Manú Menéndez

Manú Menéndez Art for healing art to fly without wings. Manú Menéndez, is a visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. Manú Menéndez’s art is inspired by the ancient cultures of the world.

Visual Art


Mexican folklor, skulls and tradition in visual. Raudiel was born in 1980 in Guamuchil Sinaloa Mexico, at the age of 14 Raudiel moved to Baja California, Tecate and Tijuana Mexico.

Visual Art


International renewed Graffiti artist from Mexico. His artwork draws inspiration from Mexican folklor, Aztec, Nahuatl and Wixkaritari (Huichol) culture.

Visual Art


KLVO - A master of digital art, live visuals and music production.

Dubstep · IDM · Live Visual