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AEM cover artworks are created by our selected Visual Artists – who translate the sounds to a sophisticated and powerful visual representation.

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  • a3796786166_10 Stirfried Remixes EP (11/15/2014) - Two Aztek Electronic Music artists: Nahuatl Jaguar (NSS, AEM) and Meeting by Chance (Ninja Tune, Skalpel) are featured in Deep Fried Dub new remix release 'Stirfried' which also include hi-tech dub remixes by Misled Convoy (Pitch Black, NZ), Numatica and E.R.S.
  • Screen-Shot-2014-11-05-at-1.22.18-pm Sabroso! A Road Trip to Colombia’s Caribbean Coast. Featuring Cero39 + Native Instruments (11/5/2014) - Amazing collaboration between Cero39 (a live electronic act which mixes Colombian roots with future technology) and Native Instruments (the creators of Maschine, Traktor, and Komplete as being one of the best and greatest innovators of music technology in the world) they have gone on a road trip along the caribbean coast of Colombia on a research to Picos (colombian soundsystems) as well as different styles of music and it's history.
  • a2169545918_2 Rainforest – Path of the Warrior (10/7/2014) - Path Of The Warrior [MNCH023] by Rainforest Released by Monochrome Recordings.
  • rainforest-mexicoEP1 RELEASE: Rainforest – Mexico EP (7/4/2014) - Mexico EP by RainforestAn original production from the junglist master Rainforest. ‘Mexico EP’ seems like a dark soundscape of the reality of Mexico. This underground yet sophisticated production, draws sounds from Jungle, Dub, Drum&Bass with steady bpm, breaks, atmospheric research sound with dub and of course deep bass trademark of Rainforest. Cover Artwork by Melbourne […]
  • a2310653555_10 RELEASE: Skalpel – Simple (5/20/2014) - Simple by SkalpelPolish Duo SKALPEL’s SIMPLE release it’s a great representation of what nu JAZZ is, with beats and melodies that sound nostalgic yet stylish, giving it a triphop and electronic dub flavour. The album starts with the title name following with Salvadanio which has a deep, positive and hope vibration; then through to On […]
  • VIDEO: Fokus – The Dance [Official Video] (5/12/2014) - Music Written & Recorded by Fokus Shot & Cut by Milan Petrovic
  • Release: Antigravity feat. DJ Gross – Rōnin (4/6/2014) - Rōnin by Antigravity Antigravity feat. DJ Gross – Rōnin Remixed by Blanco Son | Illvminaty | Nahuatl Jaguar | Ohuican. AEM highly believes in sophisticated and artistic sounds – Antigravity music & sound is definitely to be trusted. Ronin, as traditional Japanese culture expresses it: a Samurai without Master. AEM artists are artistic and revolutionary […]
  • Welcoming Blanco Son to AEM (3/22/2014) - Alejandro Gomez is Blanco Son. A Colombian-born, Sydney-based musician, producer and sound designer. Alejandro has extensive musical experience in a wide range of styles and media, including film, TV and live performance. Most recently he established Blanco Son and launched his debut EP, Neptuno. This EP takes listeners on an aural journey through a mix […]
  • Track: The One feat. Cuushe (3/20/2014) - Kyoto native dream pop artist Cuushe (who recently toured with Grouper in Japan), Using her mesmerizing airy vocals as the main instrument, Cuushe composes pop-infused electronic music that is lovable and yet uniquely different from any other song-based pop sounds out there. Together with the delicate lyrics penned by her, the multi-talented cuushe beautifully projects […]
  • Release: Fraction EP (3/18/2014) - Fraction EP by AntiGravity Mexico-based electronic music producer Antigravity releases another gem through his contemporary and artistic sound. His approach to dub-techno and bass music shows the originality in his productions. Rhythms through familiar electronic sounds, with an experimental dark twist, of course: technological, contemporary and reliable.
  • Welcoming Intiche to AEM (2/4/2014) - Nawell by Intiche Intiche is a Musician from Wallmapu (Bs.As; Argentina) and Resident now in Berlín, Germany. His Music is a very powerful mix from native Music with Elektro, Minimal and Techno Sounds, consistent with an awareness and rhythm and also an approach to our brother and sisters – protector of Pachamama (Mother Earth). The […]
  • Concrete Jungle Rockers 30 Nov @ Howler (12/6/2013) - Concrete Jungle Rockers @ Howler 30 Nov. Melbourne , Australia. Featuring Papachango, Bachu and Nahuatl Sound System

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