Marcin Cichy ( Meeting by Chance )

Marcin Cichy ( Meeting by Chance / Skalpel / Ninja Tune ) is a multi-talented artist from Wroclaw, Poland. An expert in the field of sound design, ambient and cinematographic sounds.

Not only producing successful music under the name of meeting by chance and 1/2 of skalpel, but also as an amazing visual and digital artist creating futuristic interfaces with sci-fi motions.

His music is an original hybrid of Dub and Minimal with granular sound design, ambient sounds and unique quality sound.

Meeting By Chance BIO

Piano educated – his teacher used to say “lazy but gifted”. Marcin started to make music for TV as teenager as one of the youngest Polish National TV music cooperators. In that time he also stared to compose some experimental electronic music + music for experimental video art, which later (few years ago) was released on DVD called The Hidden Decade. Polish Video Art 1985-1995 with other polish pioneering video artists. In the 90ties he started Blend Records where he compiled a CD for biggest Music Magazine that time. The CD was named as the best polish ambient hip-hop music. Later on he started SKALPEL duo where he did music and visuals. As Skalpel they were awarded as best polish band by polish radio, they also received “PASZPORTY POLITYKI” the most prestigious cultural award in poland, and their first record is named as most 10 important records of modern jazz history in Poland.

.. Later as long time skateboarder

He started to speed downhill and crashed back-bone in two places. After spending one year in bed and wheelchair Skalpel reunited last year. He also started his solo activity as “meeting by chance”

Marcin Cichy also runs a mastering studio : – where over years he has mastered top records.

For 2 years with Skalpel cooperated and participated in SACRUM PROFANUM festival where he performed music with polish avangarde composers and with Mira Calix, Clark and other artists from WARP, Ninja Tune records and AUKSO Orchestra. This gig at Sacrum Profanum first edition was named as the most important Wacrow event in 2011.