RedCrystalMoon Kin 129 from the Tzolkin Maya Dreamspell

profile-mulukInitiates and generates the creative principle through the flow and also formulates and transmits …
Dedicated in order to Purify
Universalising Flow
Sealing the Process of Universal Water
With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
guided by the power of Birth

Erik Trujillo is an Audio Producer / Vocalist / DJ / Sound Therapist and Live Performer born in Mexico inspired and influenced by nature. For over ten years, he has been working intuitively with music, sound, and co-creating within the realms of Alternative Experimental Rock, Rap and Electronic projects CasaBlanca, Rap de Luz & Suavidad Collective from Monterrey and Guadalajara Mexico. More recently in 2014, Erik has performed at local events in Melbourne with Rainbow Hearts Sound Healing band, exploring sacred sound utilising voice, crystal and himalayan singing bowls with other instruments…

Currently Erik facilitates ’sound therapy’ for Yin Yoga class at Summer Healing Yoga Studio in Melbourne; It is his involvement with this kind of expansive experimentation with sound which impulses him to transmute old world ego illusions, fears and limitations with the upcoming debut Ep/Album ’”Pasados Futuros”’ and flow towards dances of ever evolving sonic timeless offerings to come.

Inter-Planetary Journeys and Multi-verse Transactions with Soul Source. Exploring Heart Bassed Intuitional vibrations & Sonic Collective Alchemic Frequencies with the joy-full Intentioned focus in sharing the love of…
An Inquisitive trip thru Maya cosmic roots and ancient future past light frequencies that harmonise with existence.