Devils and folklore in a contemporary approach. Mexican visual art.

“Little prodigies and wonders”

From his formation and exposure to massive pop art since his childhood. Saner attaches to the generation of artists that can freely wander between graffiti, graphic design, painting and drawing.

Saner makes clear the contrasting influences that build him as a contemporary artist: the comic and other manners of illustration, going through expressionism, naif art, surrealism and also that sort of advertising used on street walls and store windows that give such a charasteristic urban look to the third-world landscape.

To important aspects of his artwork are; in first place, his clever decision of taking closer symbolic and iconographic elements from Mexican popular tradition, fraught by fictions, emblems, heroes and local demons. Saner can transport them to our time after give them an intense mystery touch, a subtle perversion and a weird but stimulating sense of humor.

On the other side, Saner deposits into his work a hint of personal introspection that pervades his scenes, conferring them an oneiric sense at time he gets narrative, timeless, ethereal and funny images.

Saner Gallery