Release: I was born in the galaxy of your eyes REMIXED

Includes reworked versions from Antigravity, Dfender, Orange & Blue and Okee. The remixes go from combat jungle styles from Orange & Blue, to a chilled out downtempo version from Dfender, a heavy and full sound that feels progressive in its own right without falling into specific ‘squared’ electronic genres, and a breakbeat version from Okee.

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Rat City is a district in Mexico City, a failed state for the year 2084, it is a scenery of ultra violent confrontation between the rats and police.

RATS are a anthropomorphic hybrid of the pollution, and the Worldwide Chemical Warfare. Anti-system, living in slums and trash, they are the lowest in a society where humans and mutants relate. RATS have been organised in gangs, where "Ratas Bravas" is the most numerous and violent. They skateboard around night looking for justice for their dead.

Police brutality is constant in an exhaustive social cleaning against the most rebellious and discriminated class of the New Order. Street cats were transformed and introduced to the streets as a new Police division without rules, that instinctively looks to kill rats for fun and money. The killing has become brutal and no side will rest until one side is exterminated..

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Aztek Electronic Music from Ohuican & Jaguar makes the soundtrack for this conflict.

Release: Slow Cooked

The third release from Deep Fried Dub : Slow Cooked is a powerful and organic mix of dub-electronica and dub-techno goodness. From it's start with some happy dub rhythms 'Shine' following to deep grooves and dubwise versions you will get some nostalgia glimpses from the roots of dub, however with a very specific technological approach, not only heavy, tight and super-clean basslines but also with some great melodies and riffs finishing with a dance/techno dub version KAOS.

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Release: meeting by chance

The inspiration behind Marcin Cichy’s (best known from Skalpel / Ninja Tune ) new EP was a series of pictures by Duane Michals called “Chance Meeting”, which shows the reaction of two men crossing in an alley. When u add to it the album’s cover photo of an old movie theatre’s wavy façade then you probably already suspect what is the trip that the artist has planned for you in his “Meeting by chance” EP. From ambient to intense drones and dub… Just let the waves rock you through the sounds. There are no chance encounters, are there?

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Artist: meeting by chance Electronic Music is very proud to introduce Marcin Cichy;  known for his work with Skalpel / Ninja Tune. Meeting by Chance is a multi-talented artist from Wroclaw, Poland. An expert in the field of sound design, ambient and cinematographic sounds. Not only producing successful music under the name of meeting by chance and skalpel, but also as an amazing visual and digital artist creating futuristic interfaces with sci-fi motions. His music is an original hybrid of Dub and Minimal with granular sound design, ambient sounds and unique quality sound. Check out meeting by chance profile in AEM »
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