Release: Original Daemon

The first dub-techno/electronica release from Nahuatl Jaguar more noted for his work and producing the more organic-oriented sound Nahuatl Sound System. Includes 3 original tracks: The first track Tlakotli Auilnelistli is a reggae-inspired dance and techno production, with Mexican guitar. Followed by the track 'Original Daemon' which gives name to the EP is a electronica jazz and dub inspired production, featuring Daniel Bleaney on Saxophone. The EP finishes with Neix Kuitili a dark and minimal-techno, deep basslines with dub and cumbia glimpses.

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Japan Tour 2013

Aztek Electronic Music and Nahuatl Soundsystem spent almost 3 weeks in Japan. Performed in Tokyo, Chiba and Osaka. Great reception and amazing music talent! We are very excited to have been back from such an amazing tour - had the opportunity to meet great people, see amazing places, and play with the best sound technology. Respect!

Read more to see photos of the tour, and live techno acts.

AEM release: Du3normal – More Time

High-tech Dub/Reggae, mystical melodies and rhythms to dance, encompass this piece of artwork from Du3normal, featuring Daman in vocals. In Aztek Electronic Music, is a tradition and a custom now to merge high quality music, with high quality visual artwork. To encompass a masterpiece. Du3normal's album More Time has been visually blessed with the artwork from Mexican artist Manú Menéndez

Lowman feat. Hayden Weke – OUR PIECE EP

Finally the time has come for Aztek Electronic Music to proudly release this amazing piece of art. Our Piece EP is a masterpiece originally crafted by Mexican born, Melbourne based produced Braulio Sanchez aka LOWMAN featuring Newzealand singer Hayden Weke (Aotearoa) This EP includes remixes done by Nahuatl Jaguar (Nahuatl Soundsystem) , Eckul, Don Fe (Spain), Du3normal (Budapest), Fokus (Croatia), Dubsalon (Argentina). So it's a clear example of the combination of cultures (Mex / NZ) with a vision from around the world through the remixes. Not only this album is an audio masterpiece, but also a visual masterpiece as well. With artwork from Mexican artist SANER - it just tops it all off with a great way to visualize, and enjoy the high-tech music. Support the artists from around the world by purchasing this album through AEM (also, soon to be released through Addictech, Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and the rest) LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE »

Manú Menéndez in AEM

AEM is proud to introduce to it's talented artists: Manú Menéndez. A visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer from Mexico. Manú Menéndez’s art is inspired by the ancient cultures of the world. Shamanism, Eastern mysticism, the dreams and the connection with the holy spirit, are some of the pillars of inspiration of his work which integrates magically in the art of illustration, design and fine arts.
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