Welcoming Du3normal to AEM

Aztek Electronic Music, proud itself from releasing the best quality music today. We would like to add to our lineup Du3normal. Straight from Budapest he will be releasing his next EP titled ‘More Time’ through AEM.

DU3normal is a dub producer from Budapest. He has played guitar in several reggae bands for several years before deciding to create the digital dub project he had been planning for a long time. The heavy stepper style dub mixes with wobbly baselines in his productions often spiced with strange glitchy noises. He’s member of the Marée Bass crew.

Raudiel @ AEM

AEM proud to present Raudiel: Visual Mexican folklor, skulls and tradition in visual.

Raudiel was born in 1980 in Guamuchil Sinaloa Mexico, at the age of 14 Raudiel moved to Baja California, Tecate and Tijuana Mexico.

Studied graphic design at the University of Las Californias in Tijuana and graduated in 2001. Aside from graphic design, I’ve been an illustrator and painter since 2003.

Raudiel gathers his inspiration from Life experience, Mexican folklore and iconography such as lucha libre, santeria, skulls, flowers, magic, street vending and flea markets mixing them with the nature.

Raudiel profile @ AEM

Deniol Alva @ AEM

AEM proud to present the colourful master of a new folklor, street-style Mexican art.

Deniol Alva’s creation range from the satiric humour of todays political joke and also a cultural identity from a country which sees the clash of cultures everyday. Deniol Alva has created numerous art (digital, graffiti, murals, illustrations) for bands, independent projects and galleries, some of his work range from working with projects like Upper Playground, Underground HipHop.Com, Vice Mx, and music artists like Rusko and Nahuatl Soundsystem.

His style is very particular and colourful, he has created a fresh identity in the culture art in Mexico. Not limiting his artwork to a particular field, but the ever expanding to a wide range of areas with projects like OBCN City, Borracho Wheels, Hasta Siempre.

Deniols’ Artwork have been also featured around Melbourne Australia constantly as he has created visual art for posters for various events like Tropical Space Lab, Revolution Sounds, Lucha Libre in Australia and more.

Deniol Profile @ AEM


Lowman in AEM

AEM is proud to introduce LOWMAN - The project from Mexican born, Australia-based Braulio Sanchez. Braulio Sanchez aka LowMan’s life has revolved around music from an early age, where deep in the Monterrey jungle he began experimenting with different instruments, rhythms and sounds, ultimately leading him onto the path of musical theory – and thus the beat begins…

Dubsalon now on AEM


Aztek Electronic Music is proud to announce Dubsalon. AEM welcomes this talented Dub artist to the lineup.

Dubsalon’s music can be described as psychedelic dub with an analog oldschool flavor and a hint of Indian mirage. Ranging from chilled psychedelic & laid back beats to heavy bass driven meditative grooves.

More information about Dubsalon

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