AEM Kompilation Vol.1

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    Horse Bazaar – 397 Little Lonsdale St
    Melbourne 3000
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AEM Kompilation Night Vol.1

Aztek Electronic Music presents a night of electronic goodness, visual candy and a showcase of eclectic music mix. This is the first digital compilation released by AEM, a download of the compilation is included with entry.


FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD when buying ticket online »
Digital Artwork by Raudiel Sañudo

The Deep Fried sound is an eclectic mix of contemporary electronic beats with deep dub stylings that crosses genres as diverse as Dub, Drum and Bass, Dance Hall and Deep Tribal Beats.

Having colaborated with top dub acts like Pitch Black (NZ) , Banco de Gaia, The Red Eyes and Mista Savona. Deepfrieddub is an act not to miss.

After playing numerous festivals in New Zealand (such as ‘Alpine Unity’), Deep Fried really started getting recognition in Australia when they started playing at a number of high profile festivals such as ‘Earth Dance’ and ‘Rainbow Serpent’.

CLANDESTINE VOICE (Live hiphop/rap)

Clandestine Voice – Voz Clandestina Is a rebellious MC, Beatmaker and street poet from Bogota Colombia. Influenced by the sounds of Hip Hop, the urban reality and lifestyle, injustice and social discontent to create a politically loaded, hardcore but soulful, lyrically charged and reality raw hip hop sound with a bilingual touch and a style of production that maintains a traditional boom bap essence while blending jazz, soul, reggae and Latin American music. Currently working on his debut EP titled “RAÍZ UP”, due to be released soon this year. Music site

GALAMBO (La Sorra! Techno, Tech-Folklore, Live)
Bryan Phillips. A chilean-australian musician/ producer, folk investigator and 2006 RBMA participant. GALAMBO is a sonic melting pot of his influences from the Andean culture.In the tradition of great folk artists like Violeta Parra, Galambo seeks to unveil the sonic identities of the Andes.
From shamanistic indigenous ceremonies to songs of worship to the divinity. In a cultural syncretism between traditional instruments and electronics.

NAHUATL SOUNDSYSTEM (Live band, Aztek Electronic Music, Dub-Techno / Cumbia)

Produced by Mexican born and Melbourne based, Fernando Perez – Nahuatl Soundsystem’s original and rebel sound is a powerful and energy-fuelled blend of Aztek, Dub, Techno and Digital Cumbia merging Aztek roots and traditional Mexican rhythms with future technology.


Mexican folklore meets Dub, Techno and Vibrant Electronica.