Cumbia Massive

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    Toot Fanute – Globe Alley (off Little Burke) Melbourne, Australia..
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CUMBIA MASSIVE is a celebration of the tropical music that has been evolving through the years and gets adapted with new generations and artists, the irresistible dancefloor beat originating on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast: Cumbia! 

For the first time ever, the best Cumbia artists in Melbourne are together to put on a fiesta like no other – a Mexican ‘Sonidero’ style warehouse party where dancing begins on the streets.

CUMBIA COSMONAUTS are a tropical space phenomenon the blasting cumbia into the future and beyond. Expect a science fiction soundtrack lost in the Amazon jungle, tropical vibes in orbit, and ultimately an infectious shuffle-beat anyone can dance to.

MADRE MONTE band was born out of the mystic and feeling of Cumbia mixed with the good vibes of Reggae, a tight rhythm section dissecting Afro-Colombian progressions, skankin’ guitars infusing reggae grooves, and a front man recreating the ancient mythological stories of Colombia all intertwine to create what is now Melbourne’s unique 9-piece Latin Reggae outfit Madre Monte.

NAHUATL SOUNDSYSTEM “takes dub where no one has before in Australia. The combination of melodica and Aztec rhythms creates a soundscape that makes you think of Augustus Pablo on peyote. There’s something going in Melbourne, a new wave of alternative latin acts redefining the way Aussies understand music, and Nahuatl soundsystem is definitely an act to follow”
Luis Gonzales Serrano, SBS Radio

SONIDERO ESPERANZA is a Nueva-Cumbia project by MoseJemia& Don Bigotes. Mixing classic cumbia, mexican norteno, tropical sounds, electronic beats & techno will make sure to move your booty! Arrrrrriba!

BURUNDANGA aka Lucas Posada is a Colombian born and Melbourne based pioneer in the production of Nueva-Cumbia, and will be sure you dance until your shoes get broken!

+++++more to be announced+++++