Nahuatl Sound System @ AWME 2013

  • Date
    Saturday 16/11/2013
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  • Address
    Lounge, Level 1, 243 Swanston Street, Melbourne.
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The stratospheric rise of THE CAMBODIAN SPACE PROJECT has caught those witnessing the spectacle of this cosmic cross-culture rock band as it blasts across the dusty highways of Cambodia by surprise. The Cambodian Space Project is a troupe bonded not only by the diversity of its members’ backgrounds but also by an artistic vision to bridge cultures while exploring new musical frontiers.

KALÀSCIMA performances are full of energy and rhythm from the ancient traditional dance and music of taranta (Salento, southern Italy). Kalàscima’s show comprises of many fascinating instruments such as the mandolin, Irish bouzouki and Calabrian double flutes, along with a vast arrangement of percussion and thrilling vocals. What audiences come to hear is a combination of past and present, traditional and modern.

MZAZAis Pauline Maudy, singing in French, Spanish, and Turkish, weaving a travel story of exquisitely crafted sounds, a unique fusion of influences from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Middle-East.

NAHUATL SOUND SYSTEM is a crucial part in the global nu-cumbia movement, pioneering the ‘Aztek style of Dub’ – a clash between the original rhythms of the warrior Mexica culture translated into deep IDM and future bass music.


AWME – Australasian World Music Expo is considered to be the music conference and event with “The finest roots music around the world”

AWME presents music from Australia and the wider region to potential buyers across all areas of the industry from the local and international music market as well as provide the general public who attended the concerts with an opportunity to enjoy a specially curated program of musical and artistic excellence.

AWME has two distinct but very connected elements that include an industry development component and a general public festival program.

The primary emphasis of the event is to provide a platform to foster stronger relationships with music industry associates both nationally and from around the globe that are specifically interested in product from this region.

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