Erik Trujillo is an Audio Producer / Vocalist / DJ / Sound Therapist and Live Performer born in Mexico inspired and influenced by nature. For over ten years, he has been working intuitively with music, sound, and co-creating within the realms of Alternative Experimental Rock, Rap and Electronic projects CasaBlanca, Rap de Luz & Suavidad Collective from Monterrey and Guadalajara Mexico. More recently in 2014, Erik has performed at local events in Melbourne with Rainbow Hearts Sound Healing band, exploring sacred sound utilising voice, crystal and himalayan singing bowls with other instruments...

Electronica · Glitch Hop


XOL is an electronative project formed in 2013, a result of mixing electronic, alternative and native latin american music. Created in Girardota – Antioquia – Colombia by four travelers. Felipe González: keyboards, woodwind instruments and lead vocals; Alan Correa: electric guitar, keyboards and vocals; Juan David Jaramillo: acoustic and electronic percussion, keyboards and vocals; Diego […]


El que ya nunca regresó a su sitio. Ese en el que aterrizas, en donde tus raíces te sostienen y todo se alinea para ser lo que tanto arde por dentro. Así, en su sitio, nace Ernenek: un proyecto independiente con canciones instrumentales y algunas otras acompañadas por letras. Sin un género definido, la música […]


After fifteen years of chasing dub, DnB, hip hop and ambient beats around the world, Sineshaper has brought all his influences together for Turnstile, his first release. Using dub style production techniques he leads his music through the wonderful world of electronica, mixing synthesizers and recordings into samples and sets.

Drum and Bass · Dub · Electronica


Music is Resistance. At the point where resistance is overcome. resistance is the only way of liberation. Ivan Curtis is a marauder of the digital ocean. Sailing the high seas of musical physics since 2004, he has never had much respect for authority nor gravity for that matter. If anything, he's always defied it.

Drum and Bass · Electro · IDM · Jungle


DFENDER AKA Roc Vargas Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Roc Vargas aka DFENDER is a DJ and producer that works through several musical genres. In 1998 he started to produce his first tracks, his sound was focused on styles like Downtempo, Hip Hop and Trip Hop. During several years, he formed part of a few […]

Drum and Bass · Electronica

Nahuatl Sound System

The Pioneer of the Aztek Style of Dub and Aztek Electronic Music. Produced by Mexican born and Melbourne based, Fernando Perez - Nahuatl Soundsystem's original and rebel sound is a powerful and energy-fuelled blend of Aztek, Dub, Techno and Digital Cumbia merging Aztek roots and traditional Mexican rhythms with future technology.

Cumbia · Dub · IDM · Techno

Blok One / Rainforest

BLOK ONE a.k.a. RAINFOREST Born as Rodrigo Álvarez Hernández in a lovely morning in July 13th 1982, Blok One / Rainforest brings you the fresh underground sound of artcore jungle/ drum ‘n’ bass in 2013. “I make music to express myself, the adventure truly began at some point in 2003, I love the sound of […]

Drum and Bass · IDM · Jungle

Meeting by Chance

Marcin Cichy aka Meeting by Chance is a music producer, sound designer and digital artist from Wroclaw, Poland. Very well known for his work with Skalpel and Ninja Tune. He is one of the most recognised contemporary Jazz musicians and producers in Poland with the fusion of contemporary and technological music with experimental and smooth jazz.

Dub · Electronica · Jazz

Instituto del Dub

Dub/Reggae/Electronica from Chile Instituto del Dub es un proyecto de música dub-reggae-electrónica chileno. Basa sus composiciones en inspiraciones que provienen del espacio sideral y  de la profunda naturaleza sudamericana. Mezcla sonidos electrónicos digitales y análogos, con voces masculinas y femeninas. A través de su música, intenta alcanzar estados de bienestar, para ser compartidos de manera […]

Dub · Electronica · Reggae

About Aphrodite

Contemporary Live Electronica Embed with poesy and imagination and inspired by the great symphony of the world, Gilda Razani and Hans Wanning creating wonderful soundtracks in a unique atmosphere and club- grooving sound. The theremin, the oldest electronic tone generator played without any physical contact,meets the grand piano completed by saxophone, flute and lyrics .

Electro · Electronica · IDM · Jazz · Techno


GALAMBO is Bryan Phillips. A chilean-australian musician/ producer, folk investigator. GALAMBO is a sonic melting pot of his influences from the Andean culture. In the tradition of great folk artists, Galambo seeks to unveil the sonic identities of the Andes. From shamanistic indigenous ceremonies to songs of worship to the divinity.

Cumbia · Punk · Techno

Blanco Son

Alejandro Gomez aka Blanco Son. Blanco Son is a project of Alejandro Gomez, a Colombian born and raised music producer and composer based in Sydney Australia since 2000. Alejandro has extensive musical experience in a wide range of styles and media, including film, TV and live performance. Most recently Alejandro established Blanco Son and launched his debut […]

Alternative-Pop · Electronica · Techno


Ohuican's production style takes you in a journey into the darkness and lightness of the roots of an ancient civilization with the latest technology. With his signature amazing guitar work, his tracks go from a nostalgic era of 8-bit gaming sounds to metal meeting progressive techno and dub.

Drum and Bass · Dub · Glitch · Techno


Ivan Andrijasevic, alias Fokus, has been into music since 2003. The very first genre that occupied his mind was hip hop – dynamic vocals, ‘fat’ bass lines and drum patterns, virtuos scratches, and intelligent sampling. As time progressed, this firm musical foundation evolved into dub, dubstep, and eventually reggae-influenced drum ‘n’ bass which is the […]

Drum and Bass · Dub · Jungle


Intiche is a Musician from Wallmapu (Bs.As; Argentinia) and Resident now  in Berlín, Germany. His Music is a very powerfull mix from native Music with Elektro, Minimal and Techno Sounds, consistent with an awareness and rhythm and also an approach to our brother and sisters – protector of Pachamama (Mother Earth). The approximations of their visions, their ancestral […]

Cumbia · Dub · Electro

Tze Kanek

TZE KANEK's music fuses the alphabet of subtropical trance-inducing rhythmic traditions with the aesthetics and syntax of the Psytrance genre. The result is a fluid yet primitive sound, like a mescaline tribe dancing around a fire, swamped by extraterrestrial drones and lysergic leads.

Cumbia · Drum and Bass · Dub · Techno

Sonidero Esperanza

Sonidero Esperanza is a neo-cumbia project that mixes classic cumbia, mexican norteno and tropical sounds all blended with techno & electronic beats.

Cumbia · Techno


DU3normal is a dub producer from Budapest. The heavy stepper style dub mixes with wobbly baselines in his productions often spiced with strange glitchy noises.

Dub · Steppers


Dubsalon's music can be described as psychedelic dub with an analog old school flavor and a hint of Indian mirage. Ranging from chilled psychedelic & laid back beats to heavy bass driven meditative grooves.



KLVO - A master of digital art, live visuals and music production.

Dubstep · IDM · Live Visual

Mexican Stepper

In contact with music since his first years of his life. Yasser Serrano launches the Mexican Stepper project in 2009 with the intention of creating a new proposal dub in Mexico, with  stepper productions mainly but tapping into different rhythms like dubstep, digital reggae and tropical bass. Aztec Electronic Music

Dub · Steppers


Eckul's musical background includes everything from playing piano as a young boy to thrashing heavy metal guitar as a wily teenager. All these elements plus pulsating 80's inspired synths and melodic percussion form Eckul's unique approach to progressive electronic music.

House · Progressive · Tech-house · Techno

Los Chavos

A 9-piece explosion of Latin reggae energy, Los Chavos channel the festival sounds and urban rhythms of Latin America to sway hips from Canberra to Colombia.

Cumbia · Reggae · Ska


Peludo es la mezcla entre el androide y el simio, lo sacro y la ciencia, la fábula y la realidad.

Electro · Funk · Rock

Rap de Luz

Fusionando el Rap con diferentes ritmos, desde autóctonos y folclóricos, hasta electrónicos.

Hiphop / Rap

Madre Monte

The original 9-piece Cumbia-Reggae outfit Hard hitting horns funkin’ up 50s style Cumbia, a tight rhythm section dissecting Afro-Colombian progressions, skankin’ guitars infusing reggae grooves, and a front man recreating the ancient mythological stories of Colombia all intertwine to create what is now Melbourne’s unique 9-piece Latin Reggae outfit Madre Monte.

Cumbia · Reggae