1. It seems that, now more than ever, Electronic Musicians are using increasingly artistic visuals (Either live or as videos) to accompany their music, why do you think this is?

In AEM approach our proposal goes further into creating not only cutting-edge sounds, but also complement them by having amazing visual art, which represents what the sound is about. It is about interpreting the artistic form through several perspectives. Also the technology in these days allows for the merging of visuals and sounds and people react better to this. It also becomes something more contemporary and in the same way it also pushes and gets more people together: visual artists and music producers. For an audience it is a nice way to obtain a piece of art all together, rather than a music piece or a visual piece, with no effort on it’s presentation. Also, all our work is and should be perceived as culture, and a big part of culture is the image, thinking it as a recording or as an archive of culture, people will be able to interpret the meaning for it either with their ears or their eyes.

This has happened with a lot of underground cultural movements as well, for example punk, which has always had such a strong image (and sound) even fashion, all this together creates culture.

2. Why, if at all, do you think that Music and Visuals (Art) can be such a powerful and evocative combination?

I think it is powerful, evocative, and mostly – necessary. Personally I would never release an album or a sound creation without an image. Or I would buy an album without cover art. I’ve seen a lot of labels release their sounds only with their label on it. AEM approach and point of differentiation is that we make an effort on putting together amazing sound artists with amazing visual artists. Also the combination of sight and sound has such a deep resonance for a human because it triggers our senses in such profound and inspiring ways. It gets recorded in our memory of the experience and inspires for more creation.

I’m not going to go deeper into the biological effects of sound and image together, because that is also a very broad study. However, in a personal level – I have always found music and art to heal me, there is something very resonating and familiar about creating and consuming art – specially when it makes sense and it is grounded. It has a feeling of empowerment, reassurance and empathy. Talking about healing – by the way, bass frequencies are so powerful that are “easier” to feel, these frequencies in particular make structures physically move (i.e your body). The concept of “vibration” is not a made up concept, it is actually a feeling in your body which makes you feel good or bad, nostalgic or present, and so many emotions, depending on the work. Add to all this an image that portraits it you are getting a broader perspective on how to look, feel or judge the piece of art all together.

3.Do you think that at it’s best, the combination of the two is more effective (in terms of portraying the emotion/feeling of the music to the audience/listener) than a song by itself, for example.

I think so. Sometimes a musical piece is created first, and then a visual artist interprets these sounds and creates the image specifically for it. So it is already portraying the emotion and feeling of it. Then when the listener / viewer has access to it, it is a multiple sensory experience (physical through sound and visual through image). Sometimes an image, photograph, video is created, then a music producer creates the sounds and soundtrack for it. And it applies the same concept. Personally I am not a fan of silent film.

4.Do u think that Electronic Music and Art are becoming increasingly unified? could you comment on the direction this might take?

I think Electronic Music is Art – Definitely when created with originality and feeling. There is so many electronic music producers out there who make squared and already formulated electronic music, I would encourage to step out of the box and concepts of how to create it, and be creative, innovative and original – the possibilities of creation are endless.

Art representation of a feeling, emotion, situation, thought or anything that inspires and spawns a creation.


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