Rat City is a district in Mexico City, a failed state for the year 2084, it is a scenery of ultra violent confrontation between the rats and police.

RATS are a anthropomorphic hybrid of the pollution, and the Worldwide Chemical Warfare. Anti-system, living in slums and trash, they are the lowest in a society where humans and mutants relate. RATS have been organised in gangs, where “Ratas Bravas” is the most numerous and violent. They skateboard around night looking for justice for their dead.

Police brutality is constant in an exhaustive social cleaning against the most rebellious and discriminated class of the New Order. Street cats were transformed and introduced to the streets as a new Police division without rules, that instinctively looks to kill rats for fun and money. The killing has become brutal and no side will rest until one side is exterminated..

Visit http://ratcityriots.com/ for more information…

Aztek Electronic Music from Ohuican & Jaguar makes the soundtrack for this conflict.


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