Audio Ammunition

Audio Ammunition

A set of sound bullets loaded in an audio revolver. 

Nahuatl Sound System – ‘Audio Ammunition’ is the latest EP from Melbourne-based, Mexico-born producer and Aztek Electronic Music label boss Fernando Perez Gomez (Nahuatl Jaguar / Sudden Reverb).

This set of powerful tracks pierce in the realms of Dub, Techno, Cumbia, Trip-Hop with old-school influences like a clash-type punk/folk rock and reggae.

Featuring Chilean folk-researcher and live electronic musician Bryan Phillips (aka Galambo) on the vocals and production of the track ‘Echa Pa Fuera!’.

‘Amplify Dub’ bassline co-recorded by Fernando Perez and Henry Pena (Madre Monte)

Visual artwork by Mexican-based artist and muralist Deniol Alva.

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