Nahuatl Sound System – Rebel Styles

Nahuatl Sound System - Rebel Styles

Rebel Styles. A collection of Nahuatl Sound System’s most representative sounds, expressing the true meaning of liberation through music.

A powerful unleash of 11 originally produced tracks.

REBEL STYLES full length album is a masterpiece that breaks the convention about dub/reggae with an anarchic, combative and rebellious vibe – Rebel Styles moves from Punk to Dub, Cumbia and Techno all together tied up with powerful and vibrating horn lines, vocals and Nahuatl Jaguar trademark sound.

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Written and Produced by Fernando Perez Gomez [ Nahuatl Jaguar ]

Horns on No Temas, Amor Herido, Pescador, Baile del Olvido, Tonantzin by Patrick Scantelbury, Dale Dunbar, Cian Johnson, Kieran Washburn ( The Horns of Navarone )
Horns on Jahta by Valdis Thomann + Corey Booth ( Los Chavos )
Horns on Subidero by Andre Lobanov, Sharonne Zaks, Dandelion Jackson ( Madre Monte )
Keys on Jahta by Alex Carder ( Los Chavos )
Keys on Baile del Olvido by Tim Johnson ( The Vibraphonic Orkestra )
Bass in No Temas, Pescador, Baile del Olvido by Henry Pena ( Ohnri )
Bass in Our Piece, Ella Tambien Lo Siente, Tonantzin by Fernando Perez.
Percussion in Pescador, Baile del Olvido, Tonantzin by John Casallas.
Charango and Didgiridoo by Sergio Tourn.
Vocals in Our Piece by Hayden Weke.
Vocals in Pescador by Nai Palm.
Flute and Guitar in Above 4 Waters by Manuel Escamilla Marquez ( ohuican )
Accordion in Transition, Our Piece by Nahuatl Jaguar.
Visual Art by Deniol Alva.