A Technological and Innovative masteripiece rework to the sound of Los Chavos.

A sonically eclectic cultural clash, RECUERDOS MEZCLADOS contains remixes and futuristic interpretations of “La Carta” and “Llajta” from Camberra-based group Los Chavos.

The building blocks of these tracks were beamed across cyberspace to various producers from Mexico, Japan, Budapest, Melbourne, Buenos Aires and Puerto Rico.

After a series of electronic and technological transformations the results were returned and they span the gamut of cutting edge production from deep tribal house, drum’n’bass, glitch, Aztek dub, dancehall reggae, psychedelic 8-bit, digital cumbia and progressive techno.

With reworked versions from DU3normal, Dubsalon, Eckul, Fokus, Kupa, Nahuatl Jaguar, Ohuican and Tze Kanek; this album is a digital leap from the technological roots to the outernational sonic cosmos.

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Project coordinated and produced by Fernando Perez Gomez ( a.k.a. Nahuatl Jaguar ) for Aztek Electronic Music

Artwork by Deniol

Creative Consultant: Rafael Florez

Llajta + La Carta taken from the LOS CHAVOS album “Supermeng”

Words by Andy Jauregui, Music by Andy Jaurgeui, Alex Carder, Corey Booth, Valids Thomann

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