Remixed versions of the co-produced ‘Sobre Kuatro Aguas’ EP

‘S4A Remixed’ includes remixes by 

Meeting by Chance (Ninja Tune, AEM), Deep Fried Dub (Dubmission), Mexican Stepper (AEM, GreenBeats), Eckul (AEM), In Vitro (Breathe Compilations), Fouyama Yousuke, Dubsalon (Nutek Chill, AEM), JCL, Gnomo

Artwork by Manuel Escamilla. Mastering by Fernando Perez @ AEM Studio, Melbourne Australia.

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S4A Original /// S4A Remixed

Ohuican is Manuel Escamilla – Visual and Sound artist from Mexico City.
Nahuatl Jaguar is Fernando Perez – Producer for Nahuatl Sound System and Ancestor of Aztek Electronic Music.